Retail Fashion Academy

In 2014, I attended a Visual Merchandising course at the RFA in London learning various skills and information:

  • Role of a Visual Merchandiser
  • Understanding the importance of brand identity and the theory of Interior Visual Merchandising
  • Dressing, understanding and styling for mannequins
  • Up selling via window display
  • Creating and installing small window schemes
  • Practical workshop to design and create own window
  • In-store Visual Merchandising – examines the different components that contribute to creating high quality window displays and the factors to be considered when creating a professional window
  • Role of the Visual Merchandiser – responsibilities of the Visual Merchandiser within the retail organisation, key skills required, a day in the life of a VM and department hierarchy
  • Technical terminology and the mock shop – symmetrical and asymmetrical accessories display in the mock shop; assessment and evaluation of mock shop relating to window size, merchandise, lighting, scheme, mannequin grouping, colour, focal points, styles and sight lines
  • Mannequins in Visual Merchandising – different styles of mannequins, ways of dressing, securing and mannequin grouping
  • Planning and designing a window – effective planning of windows including different styling techniques, themes, colour, budgets, equipment, materials, production of a window plan and installing a window display
  • Preparation and practical installation of planned window – selecting coverings, props and merchandise, dressing mannequins and final evaluation

Working in teams we were asked to create different window installations and style the clothes and accessories for various concepts.


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